Projector ViewSonic LS500WH – 3000 LED Lumens WXGA LED 125% Rec. 709


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Bright 3000 LED Lumens WUXGA projector with advanced visual features
Latest LED technology provides an extended lifespan of up to 30,000 hours
1.1 optical zoom, and a vertical keystone and 360 degree projection
This projector can be configured to automatically turn on and off
Supports most media players, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with inputs such as HDMI, and USB


Advanced LED Light Source
This projector uses the latest solid-state LED technology that is both mercury-free and lamp-free, offering a greener, filter-free projector solution. The LED light source provides over 30,000 hours of usage* while consuming less than half the power of a typical LCD TV, thereby lowering your total cost of ownership.

*Lightsource lifespan may vary based on actual usage and other factors.

projector showing auto-on and auto-off features
Convenient Auto Power On/Off
This projector can be configured to automatically turn on for quick and easy startup whenever an active video input is detected. Conversely, when no signal is present, the projector will automatically power off after a user-defined amount of time.

split screen of a conference room using a projector showing a light environment and darker setting
Bright Images in any Environment
Packed with 2,000 ANSI lumens/3,000 LED lumens and a high contrast ratio, this projector produces bright images in nearly any environment

360-degree Orientation, Horizontal/Vertical Installation
360-degree Orientation
A robust mechanical construction allows the projector to be installed in nearly any position, at any angle from floor to ceiling. You can mount the projector pointing straight down at the floor, or mount the projector upside-down at a 45-degree angle if need be.

projector connected to laptop via usb to receive software updates
Software Updates via USB
Software updates for this projector can be easily accessed online. Simply connect the projector to a computer via USB, and run the software update program available in the Support & Downloads section of the product page.

light bulb with the bulb part part of the glove. “50% Less Energy Consumption”
Higher Power Efficiency
Because LED technology saves more energy than both lamp and laser light sources, this projector consumes nearly 50% less energy than competing lamp-based projectors.

Peace of Mind
ViewSonic offers one of the industry’s best overall projector warranties with 3-year limited parts and labor, and first year free Express Exchange® service* for an added value worth up to $150**.

*One year Express Exchange® Service requires product registration. **Up to $150 added value over competitive models with 1-year warranty and based on extended warranties from manufacturers and not third party warranty providers.

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